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Why for Web Designing in Shenzhen?

Quality, affordable, ethical, transparent
International web design and web development standards
24 hours response ¨C short response = long-term relationship
First we Listen, Think, and then we do the Work.
Simpler; better: Information first, decoration second

What really matter are results!

Where I can find Web Designers in Shenzhen at affordable prices? With so many Web Design companies in Shenzhen How do you choose the right one? Why should I choose you? With us, everything just works!

Do you need Web Designers in Shenzhen or just a Web Design company in Shenzhen that can create unique, top quality, international, clean and relevant web design structure with contemporary visual appeal? It is possible with!

We are a team of experienced Web Designers in Shenzhen who have designed high quality and cost effective websites for businesses in various verticals and from various parts of the world.
Your website should be relevant, following your mission and goals - we know how to build corporate identity which will lift up your marketing impact and bring you success.
Our unique web design and web development process will keep you in direct contact with the designers and programmers working on the project during the entire development process. No one middle man because direct contact equals the best results.
We do care about your needs; our 24-hour response time is available by email, phone, and web chat (Skype, MSN, YIM). We send working files to you, giving you the chance to review the development process instantly and provide feedback.
affordable website design, an international, quality, user and search engine friendly

We believe good design is like good manners, you just simply have it and you do not need to prove it. You might not find us on an Award lists but our award means superb results = clients success = a happy client.

We consider our client a partner. We believe that web design and web development is a human activity and it is about good chemistry, respect an open mind to achieve results, as results are what really matter.

In a good partnership, good results happen. "Good
cooking makes good eating!"
Our"design philosophy"is simple :
  • 1

    Information First, Design Second.
  • 2

    Do not make your site visitors think.
  • 3

    The simpler it is the better!
Our"design philosophy"is simple :
  • 1

    24-hour local and global exposure
  • 2

    Information First, Design Second.
  • 3

    Most cost-efficient and infinite marketing

We take pride in our work, so when we build your site it has to not only meet your needs but our own high quality standards. Cross browser compatibility checks, code validations, quality assurance, etc.

Seeing is believing, so please visit our portfolio and then check out our pricing page, then lets get to work together!

Custom built web application development, up-to-date technologies at friendly rates.
A web application is "an application that is accessed via a web browser over a network such as the Internet or an intranet."

Web applications are gaining popularity over desktop applications because they are easy to update, distribute and scale. We believe it is the
future as they typically aren¡¯t required to be installed on the users' computer and can be used by thousands of users simultaneously.

Before contacting any web development or website design company, decide on the limits of your budget and have some idea of what do you need. You should trust your future web developers, as they know exactly how to position your information online as they have the skills and experience
to assist you. Work with your developer on design and layout. Remember, your website is an investment. It serves as your introduction to your future customers and the world. specializes in web design, web application development, corporate identity building and search engine optimization. Basically, we
are a one-stop shop for whatever it takes to help you grow your businesses presence on the web and in print.

Our core service is a development of Business products and Custom made applications such as:

  • Intranets and extranets
  • Web application interfaces
  • Payment gateways
  • Reservation Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Advertising Banner Management
  • Newsletter Management ¡­ and much more!
  • For more information please visit our Portfolio
Finding a good Web development company is a bit like finding a good restaurant. There are plenty out there, but where do you begin to look for the best? Yes, you can ask friends and search the internet, however once you find, make sure their work is inline with your goals.

Our web development cycle includes phases:


  • Your objectives and resources
  • Idea generation
  • Layout, Usability and Functionality


  • Project map + structure
  • Editing and enhancements
  • Project development


  • Testing, Fine-tuning
  • Deployment
  • Support and promotion

We are expertise is mainly in areas such as:

  • Intranets
  • Portals
  • Social network applications
  • Custom product catalogs
  • Custom CMS

We build web applications using the LAMP = Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP
We have a fair and transparent policy, please review our portfolio and pricing and lets start working together!

logo designing, business cards design, letterheads, envelopes, etc.- bridge between strategy and creativity

Wiki says, ¡°In marketing, a corporate identity is the "persona" of a corporation which is designed to accord with and facilitate the attainment of business objectives. It is usually visibly manifested by way of branding and the use of trademarks¡±. knows how visualize your objectives, how to bridge the gap between strategy and imagination.

Everyone has a name and a unique identity, so your business should have one too. We can brand your business to make you stand out from your competition.

Experience and ability to highlight important aspects of your business shape our corporate identity building process:

Building your successful corporate identity is vital, and we know how to do it! How?
  • 1

    Learn carefully about your goals and preferences
  • 2

    Summarize and categorize what is REALLY important and how to visualize it
  • 3

    Get feedback from others; they are the ones who should identify with your identity

Our success rate is 100% because we won't stop until everyone, specifically you, are satisfied!

internet marketing, display advertising, e-mail marketing, social media setup, web analytics, search analytics

To be or not to be, yes, that is the SEO question. Yes, to have a website or to be invisible.

Search engine use has gone main stream; 91% of Internet users use search engines regularly. has proven results on how to gain
top page ranking in search engine popularity. ¨C SEO Company in Dubai is ready to:

Be visible to the world with
  • A

    Analysis, keyword research, on and off website optimization for all major search engines
  • B

    Appear at the first page, stay at the first page through natural search listings
  • C

    Regular monitoring - getting desired page ranking against desired keywords

Maximum results for a reasonable cost to both small businesses and large organizations

Let us know whether you wish to be on top TODAY!

startup advisory services, how to optimize your identity, online performance

I am going to start my own business! I am going to redesign my website! I need my website to bring me more money! Yes, easy to say but hard to do. Not for , it¡¯s EASY when you know how!.

We want to learn first what you¡¯re looking for and what your business, company or individual website is aiming to communicate.

Our advice will bring you success through consultancy regarding:

  • Idea and business creation
  • The winning strategy steps
  • Your current website audit
  • Web traffic analysis
  • Web traffic optimization
  • Technology analysis

If you wish for your questions to be answered, just simply call us or send email,
we¡¯re here to assist you and to lift up your business and spirit as well.